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Lissilótë [userpic]
Starting Soon
by Lissilótë (lissilote)
at May 16th, 2008 (12:34 pm)

Name:  Lissilote
Age:  22
Location:  PA
Sex:  F
BMI:  20.1
Height:  5'4"
Current Weight:  117 lbs
Highest Weight:  130 lbs
Lowest Weight:  105 lbs
Short Term Goal:  110 lbs
Long Term Goal:  103 lbs
What ED you have(if any):
Date Starting Diet:  soon?

Hey everyone, I really want to start this diet and lose some weight before June, but I'm living back at home with my parents; how can I get around dinnertimes and stay on the diet?  Advice & encouragement appreciated!  :)

Hi Im new here...
by kry_d (kry_d)
at January 24th, 2008 (08:27 pm)

Location: Comp room
Mood: irritated
Music: Comps humming and sis talking

Hey everyone... Here's my stats

Name: Krystyna G  
Age: 18
Location: Canada
Sex: F
BMI: 21.1
Height: 5' 7"
Current Weight: 135lb  (checked at Wal-Mart since i don't own a scale )
Highest Weight: 137lb
Lowest Weight: 120lb (grade 8)
Short Term Goal: 120 lb
Long Term Goal: 110 lb
What ED you have(if any): NONE
Date Starting Diet: Feb. 1, 2008 (hopefully)
Comments: This is the first diet that sounds less harsh than most of the other ones I have seen.  But the thing with me is, I don't know how to exercise... @ all. I can't do anything. I can't do situps, crunches, etc. So where do I start? I want to have a complete healthy lifestyle so thats why I would probably do this diet because its not as harsh as the master clease.  I read the FAQ and it was suggested that excersise should be added to the SHD, so I guess my question is as a beginner in the whole exercise thing where do I start?

1deathsmistress [userpic]
by 1deathsmistress (1deathsmistress)
at January 13th, 2008 (07:32 pm)

i have written in my journel for over  two years i just noticed.  a very very very long time.  i am back purging again, so i gues i need to check in again. 

hello to you all, i probably dont u know you all at this stage as u are probably all new. but nice meeting u.

fragile,dont crush [userpic]
starting diet tommorow!!
by fragile,dont crush (iloveumore)
at November 11th, 2007 (04:31 pm)

Name: Holly
Age: 23
Height: 5'4
Highest Weight: 154
Lowest Weight: 115
Current Weight: I'll find out at the Dr. Tuesday, but probably 154
Eating Disorders(if any): Diet pills!
Why you are using the Sacred Heart Diet:

I used the Sacred Heart Diet back in 2005 and it worked!! I lost about 5 pounds (water weight) immedietly, and lost about 10 pounds after the week. Of course I put it back on right after it ended...
My friends and I found this awesome Dr. who has this diet program he offers to anyone who wants it (he's pretty sketchy for that but who cares!)
and for 35 bucks every 2 weeks I get Adepex and water pills and they make the weight pretty much fall off, it just sucks since I never have the money for it.. So Im going back on the pills Tuesday and kick starting my diet with the Sacred Heart Diet!!! I love this diet...it works soo good!
Wish me luck:):)

inkfreak_female [userpic]
by inkfreak_female (inkfreak_female)
at July 29th, 2007 (03:01 pm)

Name: Char
Age: 20
Location: Connecticut
Sex: F
BMI: 25
Height: 5'2.5
Current Weight: 140
Highest Weight: 187
Lowest Weight: 135
Short Term Goal: 125
Long Term Goal: 110
What ED you have(if any): none i dont believe
Date Starting Diet: august 1st thats when i'll have money to buy food

Newbie, of sorts.
by English Suiteheart (caffeine_highs)
at March 24th, 2007 (09:22 pm)

Mood: determined
Music: music from Avenue Q

I did this diet a couple of years ago, and it really worked for me, but i've let myself go alot. So, i'm starting again, different journal, different state of mind and ready to go.

Name: Helly
Age: 19
Location: Luton, England
Sex: Female
BMI: 37.2
Height: 5'4"
Current Weight: 217lbs
Highest Weight: 225lbs
Lowest Weight: 170 (lowest i can remember and where i got to last time)
Short Term Goal: 200
Long Term Goal: 130
What ED you have(if any): None, but COE tendencies
Date Starting Diet: 26/03/07 (going to go shopping tomorrow so i can have a fresh start in a new week)

Hope you're all well :)

by emily. (wut_did_u_say)
at February 8th, 2007 (09:46 pm)

If I follow this diet, but don't eat the soup, will it still work? For example, one day one, if I just eat fruit and no soup.

Also, if the soup is highly reccomended, can I substitute homemade soup for canned vegetable soup?

responses would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks. =]

Katiemay [userpic]
by Katiemay (itsmylife_x)
at January 28th, 2007 (12:27 pm)

Hi, I guess I should make an introductory post :)

Name: Katie
Age: 16
Location: UK
Sex: Female
BMI: 25
Height: 5"2
Current Weight: 137
Highest Weight: 154
Lowest Weight: 137
Short Term Goal: 130
Long Term Goal: 112
What ED you have(if any): Bulimia
Date Starting Diet: It's been an ongoing battle for quite some time. I can't place an exact date.

:) Uhm, that's all I really have to say at the moment!

Rapscallion [userpic]
by Rapscallion (rapscallion)
at January 25th, 2007 (05:37 pm)

I've reviewed and compiled a long list of diet/nutrition websites and online resources over a long period of time and I'm here to tell you that since the changes to Calorie-Count, it has become the be-all end-all of interactive nutrition online. Fit-Day is pretty good, but ultimately wants you to buy a program that makes its use more effective. Calorie-Count, however, has no such ulterior motive. They get enough traffic that banner ads (but not popups) pay for their site and they don't solicit you in any way. You must, as with any comprehensive interactive online solution, join the website, but it's free. When you join, you get...

  • A weight log
  • A food log (with a food browser to total your consumed calories and nutritional breakdown)
  • An activity log (with an activity browser to total your burned calories)
  • A recipe analyzer
  • A recipe tagging system
  • A space for your own recipes
  • A BMI calculator
  • An "allowance" calculator that takes your input and helps you with your caloric intake
  • An "expenditure" calculator that takes your input and gives you your caloric needs
  • Articles
  • Optional newsletters
  • Forums and a weight journal with the ability to make a friends list
  • Your own weight ticker

The site also has an accompanying toolbar that allows you to input your calories and exercises over the course of a day. It keeps an "eat meter" to tell you how you're doing. Get all the details about the toolbar here.

Here are some screencaps...Collapse )


I hope you find this helpful! I use it religiously.

alienaesthetic [userpic]
Day 4...I care not to elaborate
by alienaesthetic (alienaesthetic)
at December 30th, 2006 (08:22 pm)

Mood: nervous

I kind of stretched milk to include other dairy products like....icecream and string cheese *shifty eyes* Probably consumed around 1,300 calories which is a lot compared to lately. It was heavenly to have sweets again but I think I went a little nuts :/ The good news is I just bought the kinetic eye toy playstation game (it rocks!) so I've gotten a workout with that for a good portion of the day.

I think I've gotten plenty of protein. Mayybe I could cut back on the beef tomorrow to make up for all the excess calories?

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